Roof inspection for insurance Will this roof fail?

Roof inspection for insurance Will this roof fail?

roof inspection for insurance

Outlet to small

Roof inspection for insurance renewal on a large flat roof covered with mineral felt. The felt is in relatively good condition for its age however, look at the size of the outlet it’s tiny.

It makes me wonder who designed this flat roof and how this ever passed building control. When designing a roof, calculations for water runoff is something the design team should have calculated and worked too.

So the question is will this roof pass a roof inspection for the insurance renewal or not?
The answer is yes, it will. What I will be righting in my roof inspection report will be that the roof is an old felt roof that still has probably 5 to 8 years of good service left if maintained and regularly inspected.

In a sub-note

Large roof with small utlet

Large flat roof with small outlet

I will report that because the outlet is small regular inspections and cleaning of the roof should be undertaken to make sure the outlet doesn’t get blocked.

Over the last five years or so, roof inspections for insurance companies have become something we are asked to do more and more. The insurance companies now ask for a “roof inspection for insurance” to be undertaken on a roof every two or three years I have had some ask for the roof inspection to be undertaken every year! Whatever, it’s not something you must do to make sure your roof is in good condition and that the insurance company will renew the insurance policy.

What have I been up to?

London Roof Surveys

This site is set up for roofing surveys and for undertaken Roof inspections for insurance companies.
I have also started a new youtube channel for London Roof Surveys
This is a list of some of the videos; more videos are on the way.
By publishing videos on roof inspection, I’m hoping to help potential customers understand what’s involved in getting a roof survey.

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