Roof Surveyor Near Me

Roof Surveyor Near Me

Roof surveyor near me is one of the biggest searches on google, we may not be near you but we cover all of  London, basically most of inside the M25.
More and more I’m being asked to do roof surveys or roof reports for insurance renewals, it’s now becoming normal for the insurance companies to ask for a  “Roof Condition Report” before renewing the insurance on a house or flat.

Lots of people ask when booking

“What’s involved with a Roof Condition Survey”

Roof Surveyor Near Me

Roof Surveyor getting access to a roof

  1.  We need to know how many roofs need surveying – you may have more than one roof.
  2. We need to know what access is like onto the roof or roofs because it’s always best if we can actually get onto the roofs and have a good walk around. Sometimes we will use a drone if necessary, but inspecting a roof using a drone doesn’t always give you all the information you need. Drone roof inspections need to be booked carefully as we need the weather conditions to be good on the day of the roof inspection.
  3. Once we have the address and we know what access is like to the roof, we can then give you a cost for the roof condition survey.
  4. Often we are asked, “What’s the cost of a roof condition survey?” Unfortunately, each roof condition survey is costed separately because of the complexity involved.
  5. Next, we book a convenient date to do the roof condition survey.
  6. Access to the roof will be gained via the building or by ladders, depending on the height and access to the roof. We will take measurements, photos and videos of the roof, ready to go back to the office and write a report.
  7. Within 48 hours we will send over a report on the condition of the roof, stating what we consider the expected lifespan of the roof will be. This then helps the insurance company understand the implications of insuring your property’s roofs. We will also include in the report any information we think will help you keep your roofin good order.

    Searing for a “Roof Surveyor Near Me” is probably not necessary.

    Roof Surveyor Near Me Ealing

    Roof Surveyor on ladder surveying a roof

We are based in north London and travelling around London always takes time, living close to London but not in central London we can get to most places within an hour to do roof survey. If you are based in central London searching for a local roof surveyor and housing the wording Roof Surveyor Near Me is probably not going to get you a very local roof surveyor as the costs to live or operate in central London is prohibitive.

Over the years

I have created many YouTube videos on roofing. Most recently, because I’m now doing more roof inspections and roof surveys near me, I’m producing videos that show what a roof surveyor gets up to on a daily basis.

You may find this video I posted on YouTube, some years back, informative on how the process of doing a roof survey works.










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