Enquiry Regarding Old Mineral Felt Roof

Old Mineral Felt Roof

Enquiry Regarding Old Mineral Felt Roof

Hi Steven,

I have attached a Powerpoint document containing the sizes and some images.

I have converted the garage into a games room and the ceiling has damp patches and the fuse has blown for the lighting.

The roof has a drainage hole in one corner which is not very effective , as I have previously seen water pooling on top of the roof.  I would also like better insulation in the roof as there is a lot of heat loss and wind that comes through the ceiling light fittings.


The roof looks like an old mineral felt roof that has been painted with solar-reflective paint (area approximately 30m²). Providing it’s still sound underfoot and is reliably flat, then we can leave it down and use it as the vapour barrier. On top of this we can fix down insulation and then overlay with EPDM rubber, or whatever you want, as the finished top surface. If it’s EPDM and the insulation is 100mm in depth, the cost will be around £3,000.00 + VAT.

You may also need:

  • Some scaffolding.
  • Flashings to the wall of the house.
  • Insulation at the gutter board level.
  • New gutters, gutter boards and soffits.
  • Hope this helps.
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