Warm Flat Roof Construction Explained

Warm Flat Roof Construction Explained

Hopefully this video will help explain the difference between a warm flat roof construction and a cold flat roof construction.

This video shows detailed drawings on how a warm flat roof is constructed. I link to two other videos, one on cold flat roof construction and one that’s an in depth comparison between cold and warm flat roofs, also showing thermal imaging of poorly performing, insulated flat roofs. The animation program I used was Sketch Up with lots of section cuts.

Learn More About Warm Roof & Cold Roof Construction

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  • Sarah Reply

    Very useful video, and the graphics are simple yet immensely helpful. One of the most interesting points was WHY certain materials are needed or not needed. Homeowners should hear this in order to best understand what exactly the work is, and why it is necessary. I think this kind of clarity on the job would improve roofer-client relations in terms of justifying the budget and explaining noise and disruption as well. All roofers should be as clear and well prepared as yourself, great job.

    26th July 2018 at 11:19 pm

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