What is the Best Flat Roofing Product?

HydroStop AH-25

 What is the Best Flat Roofing Product?

  • High-performance mineral felt?
  • EPDM Rubber?
  • Reinforced liquid roofing system?

As a company, we don’t use a naked flame on a roof, so we don’t use felt. No flames no fires. If we did I we still wouldn’t use mineral felt, felt only comes 1m wide, so you end up with lots of joints, joint means possible leakage at some time. We use EPDM rubber, its good and comes in large sheets, fewer joints fewer problems down the line.

We use reinforced liquid roofing systems because there are no joints and it’s easy to do detail. We don’t do glass fibre (GRP) as it is too brittle.

EPDM Vs Liquid Rubber Roofing

How do we choose between EPDM rubber and a reinforced liquid roofing system?

We let the roof choose if the roof is mostly open and doesn’t have much in the way of details its EPDM rubber all day long. If it’s covered with detail like pipes poking though it, or air conditioning units and skylights all over it, then its got to be a liquid system.

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