Example of Flat Roof Pricing

Gacoroof Flat Roofing System

Example of Flat Roof Pricing

I can attend the property and carry out repairs to the main roof around the solar panels and the area around the skylights for the sum of £220+vat normally repairs will work and last for over 6 months however I cannot guarantee to firstly find the exact problem and secondly if I find it guarantee it will last, however using some of today’s new roofing products we have a great success rate.

The other option we explored was a cheap way or rejuvenating the roof to give a long-term solution. The Gaco roofing system is Ideal for your roof its got a manufacturers guarantee of  20 years expected to last well over 50 (It will probably outlast the building).

Your roof area is 200m2 and the cost to apply the Gaco roofing  system will be £7800.

Cleaning and some preparation works will need to be undertaken before coating can take place and I estimate this will cost £1500.00
Scaffolding will be needed to all elevation of the roof without going out to scaffolders for pricing I can only take an educated guess at the cost of this so assume £3500.00.

All prices are +vat
If any of the above options are to your liking any you need me to send you though an official estimate for that item please indicate.

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