Roof survey near me

Roof survey near me

When I go to my London flat roofing blog I see lots of people search for roof survey near me if they were only to put in the postcode so I knew what area they were in this would be very helpful. When we are carrying out roof surveys in and around London and enquire comes through we may be on the road doing other roof surveys and the possibility that we can just pop in because you are local then becomes extremely convenient not only for us but for the customer. Mainly the cost of doing roof surveys come from travelling to and from our office and the customer’s property.

Roof survey

Inspecting inside a flat roof survey

Writing reports on flat roofs

Writing the reports for roof surveys and putting all the information together probably takes up 40% of the time spent doing a roof survey. At London flat roofing we not only do roof surveys on flat roofs but we also do roof surveys on pitched tiled roof’s. The insurance companies that insure private properties are now more frequently asking for a report on the condition of any flat roof and also pitched roofs mainly tiled roofs or slate roofs. If you think about the implications of exactly what the house insurance companies are doing by getting the owner of the property to have a survey of the roof before renewing the insurance on that property they are dramatically lowering the number of claims that they could possibly get as most defects on the roofs will be picked up by the roofing surveyor. So as I previously stated just searching for roof surveyor near me is not particularly the best way of finding a surveyor you are probably better off searching for roof surveyor in NW3 or roof surveyor in Hampstead. Hope that helps speak soon.

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